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The sound

Surprise ! Rose will be the main character of Jenna Mattison‘s next horror film The Sound . Check out the official photos, promo poster and the trailer below :

Movies The sound, 2017 – Official photos

The trailer :

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The Only Skin Care by Rose McGowan

This is an exclusive! I am pleased to present The Only Skin Care. This is the new brand that Rose created in collaboration with her aunt Rory McGowan. The Only Skin Care offers 2 creams for face AND body. For more information about the products but also make your pre-order, visit the official website theonlyskincare.com.

Here are the official pictures of the products but also photos of Rose presenting her brand to the public in Miami:

Projects From 2016 The Only Skin Care by Rose McGowan

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Rose, who is still in Paris for professional projects, had a photoshoot yesterday for the sumptuous French fashion magazine “Numéro”. I attended the photoshoot with her and here’s the only picture I can now post: A photo of Rose and me during the session:

Photoshoot from 2015 Numéro Magazine shoot – On The Set – Paris – January 31, 2015.

In this magazine, Rose will talk about fashion and her meeting with Jean Paul Gaultier but also her future projects as the feature film as a director, DAWN, music

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Exclusive: new photos unpublished

Here is an exclusive and only on mcgowan-rose.com, 3 unpublished new pictures from the photoshoot that Rose had made in 2011 for the Genlux magazine. Discover now these wonderful pictures in our gallery HQ:

Photoshoot from 2011 3 exclusives pictures from Genlux photoshoot

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New movie for Rose


This is an exclusive that we can announce that Rose is currently negotiating a new movie directed by Matthew Ehlers. The film would name “Vows and Rites”. It is a comedy about a history of marriage and a funeral! Excited!

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