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Projet anniversaire 2010

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Message of Webmaster PiriouBaptiste | Webleo :

So, in First , Rose, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I hope you this day is beautiful for you! I also want to thanks you for your Amiability that you have for me and your fans!! Thank you also for the importance that you wear to the website. Since 3 year I work on this website, on you, My idol, and you are my greatest reward! Thanks you for accepting an interview for the website, thanks so so much.
You are really important for me. I hope I can see you one day!! It’s will be so beautiful!! Again, Happy Birthday. Peace, Love and Health Rose. I love you
May be that you will answer us in video or with one photos just like the site:D

Name : Quentin
Country : FRANCE
message : By hoping for an answer, we love you. Happy birthday…<3 creation :

Name : Killian
Country : FRANCE
message : Happy B’DAY ROSE
creation : here

Name : Laura
Country : Italy
message : Happy Birthday Rose, may today bring to you all the things that make you smile. Lots of things have changed over the years but you’re still the same amazing person you always have been.You’ve given much happiness to me and so many. Hoping that your day will be as special as you are. Love you forever! Laura xoxox

Name : Saul Gomez
Country : Spain
message : You’re the best! Happy bday Rose!

Name : Sarah
Country : France
message : Hello Rose! I wish you a good and happy birthday! We love you all very hardly you are magnificent and kept silent are a great actress! Kisses we love you!

Name : Michael Kerschenbauer
Country : Austria
message : Hi Rose ! I wish you all the best ! Happy Birthday !

Name : Robyn Green
Country : USA
message : Happy Birthday Rose! Hope it’s amazing! I wish you nothing but the best and a long career of doing what you love! You’ve inspired me over and over again and helped me grow up! I love you, Sincerely R.A.G.

Name : oswaldo kruschev
Country : Mexico
message : mmm .. not to say … you are my favorite actress You’re a super beautiful person in every way thanks for those hours of great entertainment you gave us. YOU ARE THE BEST

Name : Lily
Country : France
message : Happy birthday Rose!! Wish you all the best. <3 Name : Sickchannel
Country : Austria
message : my Princess celebrates her birthday….a big day for you …. I`m very glad that u visited this world 37 years ago …u enriched my world soo much with ur work….you R unforgetable for your Fans…..you `ll be always in our hearts …. ok , now it sounds like a farewell letter xDxD … you are one of the most beautiful women I ve ever seen….he strange: every year you become more beautiful. the explanation: the reason why you get always be prettier is cuz of your Italian roots ….I think it’s great that you are up for social problems of the world … you are an angel….wait ..I have a gorgeous idea..u should stand as a candidate for the next elections of the President….would be great…u should kick Obama in his A** …well he makes good work …but he `s a lame…and he is not that quick….But …hey…u R the still the queen of MOVIES …so its not necessary to be to be a president yet..right …Soo i hope u have a nice day…No i hope u have a great life….aaah by the way….Happy Birthday Hun <3<3<3<3<3 Love u...:D:D:D Name : Rita Santos
Country : Portugal
message : Rose you’re an amazing inspiration for people around the world. I wish that all your dreams will come true and you have an amzing day with all the ones you love. Musch Love from Portugal! xoxo Rita : )

Name : pavan kumar
Country : india
message :lovely celebrity, happy Birthday

Name : Mohammad
Country : Saudi Arabia
message : Hey Rose! it’s Me, Mohammad. just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. you know that you’re special to me and to us fans. and of course you know we love you so much! you’re such a great person and I wish you’ll have a great birthday, I hope you liked all the birthday wishes from all of us fans. We Love you and we wish you the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Name : mirian danilu
Country : Mexico
message : happy birthday <3 Name : Jana Becker
Country : Germany
message : Hi Rose, have a wonderful birthday!! I’m wishing you all the best for the future! You’re amazing, Rose! : ) Thanks for all the joy you have brought us with your work and your kindness in the past and I’m looking forward to more of such great moments in the future! Here’s the link again to my drawings. I know you’ve seen them, which makes me really happy. Again thank you so much for you’re replies on Twitter. : ) Stay the way you are because that’s how you’re the best. Greetings from Germany… Lots of love, Jana xoxo
creation : here

Name : Maja Kovacevic
Country : Serbia
message : Hello lovely Rose, I wish you that hapiness walks with you, that great love follows you everywhere, that people love and appreciate you. I wish that reaching your goals you leave marks, never give up. Just look forward and never look back, forget the past and always smile. Thank you for being so good to us, teaching us to appreciate real values of life. Thank you for everything you are giving to us. You are our friend, supporter, person who I love and will be my role-model always. I love you. Happy birthday sweetie.. Love Serbia <3 Name : Jean
Country : Africa
message : Rose i love you, i wish you a Happy Birthday and you’re fabulous actresses !

Name : Margot
Country : France
message : Bon anniversaire Rose / Happy Birthday! I hope that you will answer us! bye.

Name : Louis
Country : Guyanne
message : Rose I love you in GrindHouse! I wish you the best! Happy birthday !

Name : Natacha
Country : Russia
message : Happy Birthday Rose, the beautiful woman <3 Name : Maxime
Country : France
message : Happy Birtday Rose! I can’t wait that I see you in Dead Awake !

Name : Michelle Smith
Country : Canada
message : Happy Birthday Rose & Hope You day Rocks! We All Love You!!!<3<3 Name : Ken
Country : Canada
message : Happy Birthday Beautiful Rose! Hope your special day is filled with sunshine,rainbows and golden dreams come true! Love You!!! You’re the wind beneath my wings. (thx Bette : )) <3 xoxo Name : Aylin
Country : Germany
message :Happy Birthday, Rose. I wish you all the best. Take care. I love you so much. Aylin from Germany

Name : Patricia Santos
Country : Belgium
message : happy birthday Rose, enjoy your day : )

Name : Samy Ialy
Country : Belgium
message : Happy Birthday Rose !!!! =D We all love you =D

Name : Kristian
Country : USA
message : Happy Birthday Rose! Hope you have a fantastic day. : )

Name : Nadia Lazzaroni
Country : Italy
message : Dear Rose, I wish you a Happy Birthday,with Love.

Name : Xian Díaz
Country : Spain
message : Happy birthday, Rose! I hope you enjoy your special day! Have a big big hug! I really admire you =) Happy birthday again! Always remember you deserve the best. Millions of hugs! =)
creation : here

Artistic creation of the fans

Hebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photo
Hebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photoHebergement gratuit d image et photo

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