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Project Valentine’s day !

The pictures and messages of love from your fans for Valentine’s Day! We Love You Rose

>>>> Here are the pictures and the many messages from fans of Rose to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day! I thank all the participants including their messages and photos were sent by mail to Rose.

>>> Voici les photos et les nombreux messages des fans de Rose envoyés pour lui souhaiter une bonne Saint Valentin ! Je remercie tous les participants dont leurs messages et photos ont été envoyés à Rose par mail. Nous espérons à présent une réponse de la part de cette dernière.

project for Valentine’s DayPhotos from fans


Message from the site owner (webmaster): Rose over and over again I would like to thank you for making us dream, we, your fans. You’re so nice to me, us. You make me happy! You are simply a wonderful woman with a huge talent! It is a joy to take care of my site. Your projects are so exciting (SUV, Conan, Rosewood Lane) … I look forward to the promotion start and new photos! Finally, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with the people you love! Rose I Love You and thank you!
Piriou Baptiste

Killian: You’re the best for ever

Kyla: I love you from France<3 you are the best actress and singer of the world! you are a goddess^^ Matej Kohat: Slovakia love you

Nadia Lazzaroni: Dear Rose, I wish you a lot of love,health and fortune for Valentine’s Day, kisses from Italy

Marionita: Hi Rose !! Happy Valentines’! I hope you will have a good day. Much of love, and thank you for everything.

Simon: I wish you a great Valentine’s Day, Rose! You are the best and we love you!

Magalie: Happy Valentine’s day Rose! We look forward to seeing you in the dark rooms in Conan!

Kenza: Happy Valentine’s Day lovely Rose <3 <3 Franck: I love you and thank you for making us dream with your talent and beauty!

Clémence: Enjoy this day of love. And thank you Rose, you are unique!

Benjamin: You’re so beautiful Rose! Happy Valentine’s day from Belgium!

Courtney : Hello Rose, I look forward to your role in Conan! Kisses from London!

Jessie: I wish you a happy Valentine’s day Rose! Much love. I’m German. hi.

Matt: I Love you Rose! Strongly out of Conan is August 24 in France!

Michael: Hello Rose, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love! I will like you also say that I admire you from the very beginning of your career. You are so talented! I also like a lot when you sing!

Justine: Much love from Spain and Happy Valentine’s day Lady Rose <3 Quentin: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joanah: Rose I adore you! You are a perfect woman! Happy Valentine’s day !

Maud: It is thanks to the French site Mcgowan-rose.com I can wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. We look forward to seeing you in Conan and Rosewood Lane!

Culkie: Happy Valentine’s day Rose! xoxo

xLgeorge: You are so beautiful and so Kind Rose! Love you !

Mathieu: I whish you a Happy Valentine’s day Rose. xoxo

Sophie: I’m a fan of you since Charmed! You are beautiful! : )

Erwan: Good Valentine’s day Rose!

Stephan: Rose I LOVE YOU!!!!

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